Brief Biography of Jivanjili


Me one
Jivanjili one year old and ready for a life full of adventure


Jivanjili was born in 1945 in a typical small Dutch village along a big river. As ‘the doctor’s’ daughter, she found little connection in the local community. As a child with a very authentic view at life, she was rejected by her parents as well. The illusion of finding stability in any outer circumstance never got a chance. The whole situation gave birth to the profound question, coming from the depth of her heart: “Who am I really?”

With a determinism that has been unstoppable, the search for Truth had started:
Jivanjili ‘studied’ life by observing carefully all phenomena that she encountered.
She became a nurse, has been the coordinator of a movie company, studied applied philosophy… no career or study material seemed to bring the ultimate answers or fulfillment.

Jivanjili gave birth to three beautiful daughters and raised them as a single parent after her marriage came to an end. Also four grandchildren came to her life. She says: “Mother/Grandmotherhood is such a tremendous joyous and rich playing ground for unconditional love to blossom”.

In her early thirties, Jivanjili discovered the Teachings of ancient and contemporary Great Masters. She was taken by the concept of ‘Enlightenment’, became only more eager, and opened up for a living Master. Her first teacher has been Rients Ranzen Ritskes, a Zen Master. After a period of an intense practice of Zen, students started to be attracted to her, like bees to the honey. Meditation groups were unfolding. About this strict Zen period she says: “At one point, the heart longed to dance…. to move on, and then I found my next Master Osho. The deep heart connection with this Great Master revealed Silence; essential, indescribable and unchanging”.

After Osho left His body, Jivanjili met her current Master Shri ShantiMayi in Amsterdam, Holland, 1994, by ‘coincidence’. Meeting ShantiMayi has been an instant shock of realization… Her life’s quest got silenced in the Grace, Love and Light of this Master.
ShantiMayi is transmitting energy (shakti) of the Sacha Lineage, a lineage that is not confined to any tradition and open like space itself.

ShantiMayi asked Jivanjili in 2000 to spread the Light of Wisdom and to give Satsangh.
In the Love and Grace of her Guru, Jivanjili teaches from the same authenticity that she knew inside of herself from childhood. In Satsangh the audience is asked to bring forth heart’s questions. Her answers are Teachings that are characterized by clarity, joy and spontaneity.


“As the water knows how to be wet
so natural, so simple
Is THAT what you ARE”