Living in Sacha


It was in 1995 that I went for the first time to the SachaDham ashram in Laxmanjhula, India. As soon as I arrived, I made an appointment with ShantiMayi for a private meeting, I was permitted to come in already the next day and this would be the first time to meet her. In our conversation, she expressed a broad spectrum of possibilities that life seemed to have ‘in stock’ for me. Her words spoken in these precious moments are still echoing in waves of ever deepening disclosure. I remember her saying: “You are going to initiate people worldwide into Gayatri Mantra.” Freshly entering the realm of the Sacha Lineage, I did not understand what she was speaking about, and replied: “What is the Gayatri Mantra?” “We will make an intensive”, she said, “and you will be deeply introduced.” In one way, I intuited instantly that I had stumbled upon a sacredness and profundity beyond comprehension. Yet infinite are the games if mind, so I went through a restlessness doubt that evening in my room, turning and twisting all night long in my bed: “What did she say? Would I be able to live up to whatever she was speaking about? The funny thing was that I felt very uncomfortable at the same time, I was entangled in such a fight with the mind full of doubts, while ShantiMayi must be seeing something in clarity.
How could I doubt my Guru’s Wisdom?

I know everything!
I had heard that the Gayatri Mantra was being chanted every morning at 8 am in SachaDham, so the next morning I went there. We must have been halfway the recitation when suddenly the door of the Mandir (Temple) was opened and someone walked in quite decisively. It was ShantiMayi. I didn’t dare to look at her. She took place on her assan (Guru seat), took the singing bowl and struck it firmly. The sangha was silenced in an instant. Then Her eyes pierced into mine and she spoke aloud: “I told you that you where going to initiate people into Gayatri Mantra. Don’t think I don’t know. I know everything!” She struck the bowl again and the chanting continued. I was left dumfounded, and realized that it is useless to entertain painful thinking at all. I sank into a deep peace and felt openness for all to come beyond ‘me’ needing to be or prove anything at all. I just knew that all would be revealed in unconditional Love, Grace and Wisdom.

All is God
ShantiMayi organized a three-day Gayatri Mantra intensive as she had said. During the intensive, my respect for the vast work of the Sankalpa* of the Sacha Lineage deepened:May all beings Wake Up! May all sentient beings turn towards God, their Hearts within. We reflected deeply on the significance of what mantra means and in particular the Gayatri Mantra. We recited the Gayatri Mantra for hours on end, everyday. By now the Gayatri Mantra was resonating throughout the cells of my body as if my body were completely transparent. I cannot even limit this transparency to the physical form… all awareness had lost its density and location. I felt tiny like a grain of sand and boundless like all of space at the same time.

I could not wait to spread the mantra.

Since then I have ceaselessly shared the Gayatri Mantra with a great variety of people whom I have met on my many travels. These travels followed miraculously after this meeting with ShantiMayi.

Many are touched and recognize this ancient chant of Hearts instantaneously and ask for initiation. The resonance of the Gayatri Mantra invokes the right remembrance: All is God interrelated without a fixed abode! In other words, the mantra invokes freedom of the notion of separation and reveals boundless awareness. Where would you draw the line?

The sky is the limit
The Gayatri Mantra is such a powerful gift that entails the potency to open up our imagination beyond all limits and to reveal consciousness in its full glory. To chant the mantra whole-heartedly empowers the mantra. It is Pure Love that permeates all cells, attached to nothing and vast like space.

What a blessing to be introduced to this mantra and to carry it out ever since.

ShantiMayi gave me the key that opens doors for the awakening of each and everyone.

This is living in Sacha.


* Sankalpa is a vow and a commitment that we make as a cornerstone to support our highest truth. A sankalpa should respect and uphold the deeper meaning of our life.

Leela (story) published in the book: Shri Hans Raj Maharajji AndThe Dawn of a New Consciousness