The pyramids are musical instruments (Hakim)



Cloud Spirit before we entered KC 400


There is a lot to study about the pyramids in Egypt, their sacred geometry for instance. 
Every time I started to dive into that topic, I got lost in the complexity of drawings and theory yet fascinated in an intuitive way. I thought, if there is any powerful resonance in the sacred geometry of the pyramids, we must be able to feel, sense, experience at least some of it.

In January 2015 we went to Giza with a group and found some beautiful apartments with clear sight on the pyramids. Due to the negative publications about Egypt there are hardly any tourists currently, which adds to the serenity of the atmosphere. We went for ten days to roam around on the pyramid site, visit the pyramids and find probable powerful spots for meditation. We did not dive into any theoretical text, we were ready to be permeated by energy of the grounds without 'knowing' or 'figuring out' in advance.
As the days passed by, the group became more 'transparent', moving in slow motion. 
The energy of 'awe' had set in so beautifully.

The invitation
One morning, a noble and friendly Egyptian man walked up to us.
He said: "If you want to stay for some time in the Kings Chamber with the sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid called Cheops, I advise you to go early in the morning before it opens and you will be the first one to enter. There are usually no visitors at that time and I will ask the guards to leave you alone for at least 10 minutes. You can go tomorrow". We thanked him gracefully and said that we would do that. Mind you, 10 minutes seems to be a short time, yet not being harassed by guards (which usually happens) and be left alone, sounded very attractive. Apart from that, we felt to answer his kind offer.

Staying behind
The next morning we were all early ready to walk to the pyramid. Everyone carried a crystal. As we left the apartment building, I felt a strong pull from behind. I looked back en saw nobody there. Still the pulling did not stop as if I was pulled backwards by a magnet. Denying was not an option. "You stay and will be an anchoring point for the people", is what I heard in my heart. I told the group that I was going to stay behind. Alone in the apartment, I sat in silence. In Noble Silence I 'disappeared', yet fully aware of infinite timeless presence... filling all of space, powerful resonant space. I never questioned this demand of staying 'behind'.

The experience
'The world' came back through the sound of a turning key. The group had returned and entered so silently. They looked so radiant! I briefly looked at my watch.... nearly two hours had past. We sat in silence for a while and then they softly started to share their experiences one by one. As their experience had been so uniform, I like to write about it as in one voice:

"When we arrived, we had to buy tickets, as usual. Then the guards told us to enter the pyramid. Nobody followed. Walking the long stair-way, only hearing our own foot steps, felt already like an initiation. When we finally entered the Kings Chamber with the sarcophagus, there was indeed nobody there. We all sat against the wall for meditation and like within a second we fell in silence, in 'overwhelming neutrality', as one worded it. After a while we became aware of a deep resonant sound. Where was the sound coming from? We opened our eyes and saw a tall angelic looking man with very blond hair standing behind the sarcophagus. From where was he coming? We had not heard any foot steps on the stairs or other sound of someone entering. The man struck with his bare hand on the side of the sarcophagus. He was setting the sarcophagus in motion as a singing bowl!
This went on for some time and then another tone appeared as if the entire pyramid started vibrating. The two tones were from a depth that we never heard before. We felt like bathing in the frequency and being frequency. This must have lasted quite a while, and from seemingly nowhere, a tremendous powerful resonant tone joined in, like Mother Earth singing along. We recognized the tone as very similar to the tones from the Tibetan cave. MUSIC from INNER EARTH coming from secret cave in Tibet.flv
that we once listened to. By now we were permeated by the resonant sarcophagus, the pyramid and Mother Earth; all tones in harmony with each other.
Hinting with his eyes, the man asked to come near to the person sitting the closest to him and made an inviting gesture to step in the sarcophagus and lay down. He put her arms and legs very precisely and took the crystal from her hands and placed it somewhere on her body with great care. And he struck the sarcophagus again, each time on another spot thus changing the tone.
In this way he invited the people one by one to take their turn... he carefully positioned their body and put the crystal on another spot for each one. All he said was: "ok ok come out", to make place for the next one.
The experience in the sarcophagus has been so similar for everyone, I like to mention Nebu's sharing: "The moment I laid down in the sarcophagus and closed my eyes, it felt like I fell in a bottomless abyss moving right through the Earth, while I was shooting up in the sky at the same time. I was surrounded by stars. I was also well aware of being anchored in the sarcophagus. I had never felt this deep and fearless surrender before so deeply. Afterwards I felt so light and floating with all the cells in my body vibrating, it was difficult to move and find direction."

On we went
We were so graced to travel on to Egypt's Western Sahara for two more weeks after this powerful experience. The desert welcomed us in its vast silence where all symphonies vibrate so loudly.

The theory
The week after I returned to Holland, I listened to a discourse of Wisdom Keeper Abd’el Hakim Awyan. Now my ears and heart were wide open to a deeper understanding when I heard him say: "The pyramids are musical instruments".
All is still a mystery to me, yet came to life in my heart.


For the ones who also like to listen to Hakim's discourse I include the video:
Ancient Egypt & the Ancient Khemitian Civilization [FULL VIDEO]