In the summer of 2001, ShantiMayi invited Amitabha, Susan and myself to Terre de Sacha, our ashram in the French Pyrenees.

ShantiMayi had arranged a meeting in Her backyard underneath the one tree that always calls in a whisper to take place at its feet. A blanket was spread out on the lawn, and so we sat in a circle on the ground. The whole scene reminded me from deep memory of classic ancient times. In this lovely setting were offered tea from little cups. ShantiMayi poured the tea herself, and handed the cups with a grace and a simplicity that can only be defined as Pure Loving Light. Time after time our cups were refilled…. while we were cheerfully speaking about all kinds of subjects.
Nothing special… and yet… oh…!

As we would stay for a week in the ashram, ShantiMayi invited us several times to tea; each time in the same setting. We did not get any specific assignments… we were offered tea. I noticed, that I had been expecting some “assignments”, some handles that we should know. Some “Master’s advises”. After a few days, it became obviously that this was not going to occur, at least not in a verbal teaching way. Resting in just the joy and the blessing of being in the presence of my Master, she “spoke” from within.
I heard: “Jivanjili, Sacha is the unknowable: Noble Wisdom. There are no rules and regulations, your work will be a complete spontaneous expression of “That”. I am as Empty as the Teachings….. and all we can say about teaching would not be true. Who is there to say anything? Sacha is TOTALITY. Be ready to face anything and stay alert to serve without involvement. This is Truthful Service.”

Our tea had been the same tea that Bodhidharma sipped, poured in a cup that nobody can hold on to…

What a profound teaching…. it still brings tears to my eyes when I recall this silken touch of Her hand offering the cup of tea…. while talking and laughing was going on, she spoke in silent, undetectable transparency… even loud!