Sacred journey to Egypt with Jivanjili

Celebration of the Winter solstice 2012

Egypt – Dakhla oasis and Western/Sahara Desert


'The end of time or new beginnings?'

Impression of the Ceremonial Solstice gathering with Jivanjili and Her sangha.



 As Time and Consciousness accelerate and humanity prepares for this Next Great Leap in our evolution, Jivanjili felt called by heart to gather and celebrate the Winter solstice of 2012 in the Sacred Land of Egypt.

This has been an extraordinary opportunity and blessing to be in such a refined resonance together in this powerful and ancient vasteness of the desert.

We were hosted in the wonderful Bedouin facility of the Dakhla oasis see:
We slept under the stars and the sweet camels were right behind our houses for petting and carrying us through the desert.
We visited a nearby abandoned Bedouin city, relaxed in a hot spring and drove through the Sahara desert in jeeps.

It has been Jivanjili’s vision to make a labyrinth in the desert and walk the Path through all dimensions on de date of the Winter solstice, 21-12-2012 while chanting the Hopi migration song.


 Our Bedouin friend chanting the Camel Song