The Precious Treasury of
the Basic Space of Phenomena

Longchen Rabjam

Chapter: Natural Meditative Stability:

Awakened mind is by nature primordially pure.
The true nature of phenomena is such that there is nothing to discard or adopt, nothing that
comes or goes, nothing to achieve by trying. 
Rather, the sun and moon of utter lucidity arise when one rests naturally in the spacious
expanse that is the true nature of phenomena.

Without sense objects being blocked or mind being reified,
if there is no straying from natural state of spontaneous equalness
you arrive at the enlightened intent of supreme spaciousness, Samantanbhadra

Without the arising and subsiding of thoughts, there is a naturally limpid, pristine state, like the unwavering evenness of a limpid ocean.
Free of the occurrence of or involvement in thoughts, free of hope or fear, you abide within the state of naturally occurring timeless awareness, the true nature of which is profoundly lucid.

Without the compulsions of ordinary mind,
there is an unfeigned state-a natural settling, uncontrived and unadulterated-
though it cannot be characterised with words.
This absorption in the expanse of being, the true nature of which cannot be characterised, involves neither meditation nor something to meditate on,
and so laxity and agitation dissipate naturally, and enlightened intent occurs naturally.

All-consuming thought patterns cannot be abandoned by being renounced,
for they are the dynamic energy of awareness.
Their true nature is such that there are no distinctions, nothing to differentiate or exclude,
so that nature is not ensured by achievement, but arises as basic space.

Without rejecting samsara, you perceive it to be naturally occurring
timeless awareness through the pure yoga of dynamic energy of the vast expanse of being.

In the timeless unity of sensory appearances and mind-
the naturally settled state that is the true nature of phenomena-
meditative absorption is experienced as an unwavering, ongoing flow.
Thus, the vajra pinnacle, the most excellent enlightened mind of
Samantabhadra, is the most sublime, spacious state, equal to space.
The most sublime meditation of all involves no differentiation or exclusion.
It is spontaneously present as the superb, timelessly infinite monarch.

The ongoing flow of utter lucidity, timeless and omnipresent,
is spontaneously present within this context, in which nothing is discarded or adopted,
and so it is the most sublime enlightened intent- the basic space of phenomena,
the nature of samsara and nirvana.
This vast expanse, unwavering, indescribable, and equal to space,
is timelessly and innately present in all beings.

It is the ordinary confused mind that perceives
sensory appearances to be something other than oneself.
It is the ordinary confused mind that believes in meditation and making an effort.
The true nature of confusion is the realm of equalness, the natural state of rest -
the natural expanse that is unwavering and primordially pure.
There is nothing to do and no effort to make- whether or not you are
resting is irrelevant.

Given the unchanging, spontaneously present nature of phenomena,
if you look again and again with self-knowing awareness,
free of any complicating conceptual framework,
you will see that there is nothing to look at.
Nothing to look at- this is the view of omnipresent awareness.

Given awareness, which is not cultivated in meditation and in which
nothing is discarded or adopted, if you meditate again and again,
you will see that there is nothing to cultivate in mediation.
Nothing to cultivate in meditation - this is the meditation of omnipresent

Given the way of abiding, non-dual and free of acceptance and rejection,
if you engage in conduct again and again,
you will see that there is no conduct to enact.
No conduct to enact- this is the conduct of omnipresent awareness.

Given spontaneous presence, timelessly ensures and free of hope and fear,
if you strive to achieve again and again,
you will see there is nothing to achieve.
Nothing to achieve - this is the fruition of omnipresent awareness.

Within the state of equalness, there are no thoughts about sense objects
and no reification of ordinary mind,
so the occurrence of and involvement in hope and fear are pacified.

Abiding in the equalness of sense objects and mind means that,
as a matter of course, there is no straying from the expanse
that is the true nature of phenomena.
One abides in an omnipresent state in which what are characterised as
sense objects do not exist as objects.
Since there is omnipresent awareness, timeless and non-dual,
within the state of great perfection-the indivisibility of samsara and
nirvana-everything is in a state of infinite evenness, without acceptance or rejection.


Original title
The Precious Treasury of the Basic Space of Phenomena
by Longchen Rabjam, Richard Barron (Translator)
ISBN1881847322 (ISBN13: 9781881847328)