Vanishing Concepts


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Understanding thoughts

There is a moment when it becomes obvious that clinging to concepts is also clinging to ignorance. This moment is a shower of pure grace. It seems as though a ton of bricks have been lifted from the heart (even though the most burdensome concept doesn't weigh even a milligram). Liberation, finally. What a relief.

Then, after some time passes by, the old habits return and the mind begins to collect a thick layer of dust. Now the insight that swooshed past all conditioning, is dwindling in the background. Feels like it's time to be very aware and to avoid any concept whatsoever that might sneak into the psyche.

Avoid the void, sounds absurd and it is absurd.

It is futile to avoid thoughts or concepts. It is also impossible. To escape ignorance means understanding that ignorance is intrinsically and essentially devoid of ignorance. Investigate what a thought actually is. When inquiry is soaked in silence, then, the clinging knot of confusion is released. Be aware; there are concepts that actually translate into unobstructed awareness.

 The question arises: isn't that which I am also a concept?

That which you think you are is a concept.

Why to bother with this question, who am I? Isn't searching also a concept that is concerned with the future? *And isn't the future also a concept? Yes, it is so. Still, though wisdom of such magnitude may be available at times, it is all too often tossed aside when the hammering of thought crumbles the very foundation of your conviction. Serenity is abandoned for uncertainty. Quickly you give yourself (or what we think yourself to be) over to the storms of imagination. Why does this occur? Why, when you know the answers so well? Again and again you have heard the teachings and again and again you have understood. Then why to get trapped in this conceptual snare over and over again? It is because the investigation is shallow and the understanding is incomplete. You know that it is thought and conditioning and concepts that are the root of all entanglements. Positively, we are clear on that point. Still, it must be realized through utter simplicity, that thought is empty; period.

Emptiness is also a concept, but it is a concept that ceases, like a thin cloud fades in the light of the sun.


* The matrix of the universe(s) is concept.