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Shri Hans Raj Maharajji (French)

Satsang met Prajnaparamita

Naropa (Dutch)

Medicine Buddha World Wide Healing Circle

Medicine Buddha sm cr

This world-wide healing circle is to send healing powers to friends, relatives....
or anyone we know that is in need of healing.
Participation is by chanting Medicine Buddha Mantra with a specific focus/intention
for that person, in groups or individually, aloud or silently.


World Wide Gayatri Mantra Light Circle

Mother Gayatri

Join our World Wide Gayatri Mantra Light Circle by chanting the Gayatri Mantra for the enlightenment of all beings.
You may also include areas that need spiritual awakening and humanitarian aid
such as natural disasters, catastrophes and areas which have been affected by anti-environmental impact.


Spiritual Music

Sacha CD: Spiritual Music for Healing and Meditation

CDs from ShantiMayi
Mantra CDs of the Sacha Sangha
and other CDs of the Sacha artists.