A beam of Light


 BEAM kl


Gizeh, January 2016

Once more we visited the pyramid grounds in Egypt.

We usually take a week to roam around and meditate, sometimes in a cave we find, sometimes… well, every spot we are attracted to.

And of course we visit the King’s Chamber in Cheops, the Great Pyramid.

Our experience is that entering the pyramid early in the morning, we are mostly all by ourselves. This year we were blessed to stay undisturbed for at least two hours.

Why are we so happy to have a length of time in that chamber? The energy is very powerful and highly vibrational. By being in there for a good period of time, the cells in the body start to synchronise, like light entering (by many experienced) as if the physical form vanishes. Time also vanishes. Indefinable space remains in boundless awareness.

A beam of light

Some sat at the side, leaning against the wall, some laid down and one by one we took turns to take a stand at the sarcophagus. When Nashid’s turn came, a beam of bright blue light entered her backside and came out her chest. This very powerful experience made her bend over in an instant, not knowing what happened. By chance we made a photo of that moment and were surprised to see we caught the scene. There is no visible blue in the beam on the image, yet beautiful enough to share this mysterious experience.

With Love



BEAM detail kl

Observing this photograph, the blue light along the wall is very unusual as well. It is not the door where one must bend down to get into the King’s Chamber. That door is on the right side of you, the observer. For even a closer Look, this photo is enlarged. (comment ShantiMayi)