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This Summer season, I would recommend to listen and read attentively this page on ShantiMayi’s new website. Your root beyond comprehension yet unmistakable.



The Moment we met

Being in the physical presence of the Guru, the eyes, the heart, the whole cellular system resonates in One splendor of Love and Grace.

This is what happened in an instant when I met ShantiMayi for the first time. As if struck by lightning I saw myself without realizing the implication …

How is it possible we recognize this?
How is it possible this utter beauty resonates so deeply within?
Isn't recognition something we know, forget and then get to know again?
Isn’t resonance a wavelength from one polarity to another, from cause to effect? Don’t we need a similar tuning to catch the vibe?

My Guru ShantiMayi asked me time after time to internalize 
that overwhelming love for Her; I simply had to surrender to this request.
It seemed to be the only thing I could do for my Guru.
Without even thinking, I was determined to investigate what she meant.
How and why did not apply, love is love.

It was the first clear order in my life that made sense.

Through Her unconditional love and support, I was encouraged to cut through error after error, to peel off all the false believes, to look through concepts with a precise sharpness, to reconsider all that I was assigning reality to …

Never has there been an excuse not to be alert and watchful.
Never has there been a moment She was not present,
that I was not reminding in the heartbeat of life itself.

I stood naked in Her Grace, completely empty-handed.

Essence in love, love in essence.

Here love is inclusive, unconditional, means without exception, total in all seasons, in all things.

Here love is whole and Holy, vast like space.

Here the resonance is stilled, the poles have vanished.

Home without location.

Silence remains.


Photo ShantiMayi

NB: Although rooted in the Sacha Lineage, Jivanjili is not exclusively bound by any lineage. She says: “These times are characterized by transmission and weaving of all Ancient Wisdom Tribes and Lineages in One Great Call for Awakening". In the year 2001 ShantiMayi asked Jivanjili to spread the LIGHT of Sacha all over the world. See TEA.

OM Sacha!